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A Cure Is Our Goal. Red Card Cancer is a call to action to help defeat the world's biggest opponent by uniting the global game of soccer in the fight against cancer.

Everyone has been touched by cancer. Red Card Cancer is a community committed to raising money and awareness for cancer research at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. Through engaging and working with all levels of the greater soccer community, Red Card Cancer seeks to become how the soccer community can fight cancer, together.

• The game of soccer and the culture of sportsmanship surrounding the most popular game in the world;

• Through initiating fundraising and awareness projects across all levels of the greater soccer community, Red Card Cancer aims to unite soccer and the fight against cancer;

• The important work of the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and assuring that our efforts to support cancer research are making a difference in the lives of those living with cancer, and;

• Accountability and a culture of transparency to those who make donations to support our efforts at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, assuring that proceeds from gifts made to Red Card Cancer support cancer research at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center.

Our History
Red Card Cancer was initiated in the Fall of 2009 on the campus of Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania. Paul Payne, Men's Head Coach at Bloomsburg University, started the program as a tribute to long time friend and mentor, Joe Bochicchio, Women's Head Coach at Scranton University. When Joe passed away after losing his battle with melanoma, Payne began the campaign to raise awareness about cancer in the soccer community and raise funds for research.

That year 17 programs (16 college teams and 1 high school team) reached out and wanted to become part of the effort. October 3rd, 2009 was then designated Red Card Cancer day across the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference. In it's first day Red Card Cancer raised over $5,000.

Red Card Cancer was then starting to garner the attention of LiveSTRONG, The US Soccer Federation and other big organizations around the country. It was evident that the message was so genuine and unique- The biggest game in the world was taking on the world's biggest opponent.

In 2010 the program started to spread over state borders and more teams reached out wishing to get involved. It was then RCC partnered up with The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Research Center at Johns Hopkins Medicine and D.C. United of Major League Soccer to help carry the message a step further.

What's To Come From RCC?
As Red Card Cancer is committed to improving the lives of people all around the world through its unique fundraising efforts, there is also an opportunity for RCC to give back to the soccer community.

In the coming months and years we will be:

Producing a number of mobile apps for soccer players and coaches to use on a daily basis to help them improve within the game.
Hosting Red Card Cancer tournaments all around the United States.
Unveiling a full product line of official RCC gear so you can show your support.
Developing commercials, PSA's and other inspirational messaging for the soccer world.

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